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Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps your Air Conditioning system running as efficiently as possible. At Maximum Climate Control, we offer local Air Conditioning servicing to help ensure your Air Conditioning Units are being looked after properly to save you money in the long run, avoiding unexpected breakdowns and lowering your energy costs.


Did you know a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) Programme can reduce your unit’s operating costs by 15%?

Manufacturers of Air Conditioning products typically offers a warranty on systems that are regularly maintained in line with the environment they are installed in. This means a suitable maintenance programme is important to protect your system warranty and to lower your carbon footprint.

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Why should my AC unit be serviced?

Older commercial and domestic air conditioning systems are more likely to fail due to mechanical wear over the years. If the mechanical components are put under increased stress due to ineffective maintenance or worse, no maintenance, then failure is inevitable and the replacement of components can be costly in terms of both the downtime of the system and the repair servicing costs. This can vary dependent on the severity of the failure.

Planned maintenance will significantly reduce the failure potential of the system’s mechanical components and ensure a clean environment for the area served. Maximum Climate Control will fully maintain your system in line with the environment when carrying out air conditioning installation.

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Why work with Maximum Climate Control?

At Maximum Climate Control we offer local Air Conditioning servicing through tailor-made maintenance programmes to ensure optimal performance and efficiency, this gives you piece of mind that your system will remain conditioned to the way it was designed. Effective maintenance will drastically reduce the running costs associated with Air Conditioning units and minimise environmental impact of CO2 emissions. Our friendly, experienced Engineers are reliable, qualified and offer excellent customer service.

Maintaining your Air Conditioning Unit

Customer maintenance works:

We would recommend bi-monthly removal and cleaning of the air filters for the indoor unit whether a wall mount or cassette / ducted unit or ceiling suspended / floor mounted unit of your new air conditioning unit, as any build-up of dust or dirt will restrict airflow and so cause wear on the unit and also decrease efficiency and performance. Please ask our installation and air con service engineers who will be more than happy to give you a demonstration on how to take care of your new air conditioning unit.

In brief Maximum PPM works:
All other maintenance works need to be carried out by one of our in house qualified & certified service engineer who are F Gas qualified.

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Local Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, Installation

Works to be carried out in a service visit:

  • Anti-bacteria (environmentally friendly) coil cleaning of the indoor unit and condensate tray and filter.
  • Testing and anti-bacterial (environmentally friendly) cleaning of the gravity drain pipework and or testing and servicing of any condensate pumps within or attached to the system.
  • Indoor and outdoor unit casing cleaning and washing down with a biocide cleaner (especially important for the outdoor units longevity near salty environments).
  • Outdoor coil (heat exchanger) cleaning with either fresh water and a low-pressure washer or an environmentally friendly chemical cleaner to remove stubborn dust and debris.
  • A full heating and cooling test with temperatures / voltage and amperage readings of both indoor and outdoor units and performance test and data recorded.
  • Electrical tightness connection test and visual check of both indoor and outdoor units and electrical isolators.
  • F Gas leak test dependant on unit refrigerant capacity and size of system, and an energy efficiency test with all relevant data recorded in a site F Gas log book
Local Air Conditioning Maintenance, Repair, Installation

Working with a local AC servicing company

After each service, our highly recommended and experienced engineers will issue a full report with any future recommendations and expert advice or repairs that may be required now or in the future with a time scale – if parts are required this would be followed by a quotation from the office for any works for now or in the future.

For local Air Conditioning servicing, contact our team of experts or explore the areas we cover.


Diagnostic Servicing in Progress

HVAC Repair Maintenance

Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find your answer, give us a call 023 9226 1005 or send us an email info@maximumair.co.uk

Do I really need to have my unit serviced?

Absolutely, this is vital in ensuring your units continue to operate at their maximum efficiency and reduces the risk of breakdown and therefore cost. Depending on your specific heating or cooling solution, the units must be maintained to ensure the warranty remains valid – if regular maintenance is not completed as per the specific manufacturers recommendations, then the valuable manufacturer’s warranty will be void.

There is very little air flow coming out of the unit, what is wrong?

Well this is usually due to blocked filters and or a blocked coil, so the end result is a lack of air flow across the coil (heat exchanger) and this will mean a lack of cooling or heating, the only way to sort this out is a filter wash and a possible coil clean and an fan impeller inspection for blocked blades. Call us to stop this from happening in the first place as maintenance is more cost effective than after the event repair.

Why is water leaking out of my unit and if I turn it off it doesn’t stop?

Well this will probably be a blocked condensate tray or pipe or a failed pump. This is probably one of the most common issues in the summer, and this is nearly always due to a lack of servicing so give us a call before you get the water leak in the first place and keep the unit running trouble free.

Why does my unit smell musty when cooling?

This is bacteria growing on the coil, filters or the condensate tray were the system is not serviced and cleaned properly. The coil will require a chemical clean with a specialist cleaner to naturalise the bacteria, but once this has started it is very difficult to remove completely, so call us and get your units serviced to prevent this from happening in the first place, prevention is better than cure always and often cheaper.

My units seem to be working harder and costing more to run why?

This will be due to lack of servicing and a mixture of the reasons above, all this will add wear to the units and shorten there life span and build up expensive bills as well as down time of the system. A well maintained system will run and run with lower running costs a lower carbon foot print and a happy customer and staff / occupants.

So what’s not to like about the benefits of maintenance (PPM)?

Lower running costs for you now and a happier environment for future generations. The systems heat and cool efficiently and so keeping your valuable staff and customers happy. Less down time due to breakdowns with expensive parts, so in the long run it is cheaper in so many ways. The systems last much longer and that investment in equipment pays off in happy customers or staff. So give us a call and let us keep that expensive AC kit running efficiently and let it do what it supposed to do effectively, and let us take care of the hassle for you after all that’s what were here for.

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