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TM44 Inspections for Air Conditioning

TM44 has been an important component of the UK air conditioning landscape since January 2011. Part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), TM44 regulations in the UK apply to the inspection of air conditioning systems for a building that has a combined comfort cooling output of 12 Kw or more.

Maximum Climate Control’s team of TM44 Air Conditioning Inspectors are ready at short notice no matter the size of the job. We operate from Hampshire and offer a range of AC inspections for both commercial and domestic properties up and down the UK – if you would like to know more about our TM44 inspections or receive a no obligation quotation, simply get in touch with our Service Team.

What is a TM44 inspection for air conditioning?

TM44 is the designation given to an inspection or survey of a buildings air conditioning system. The objective of this inspection is to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs and reduce carbon emissions.

The TM44 report will provide suggestions on enhancing the energy efficiency of your cooling systems, including potential adjustments to controls that do not require any financial investment, additionally, it may propose alternative cooling solutions or suggest replacements. Whilst following and actioning upon the advice is not legally required, having a TM44 inspection every five years is.

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TM44 Inspections for Air Conditioning
TM44 Inspections for Air Conditioning

Who needs a TM44 air conditioning inspection?

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) states that TM44 inspections must be undertaken on all buildings fitted with an air conditioning system that has an effective rated output of more than 12kW. This will include individual units which are less than 12 Kw, but whose combined output is more than 12Kw.

It is important for all premises meeting this criteria to undertake a TM44 inspection, with the business owner in question facing a fine if this is not in place.

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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection FAQs

The following frequently asked questions are intended to help anyone who manages or controls an air-conditioning system to understand the regulations surrounding TM44 inspections.

How often does an inspection need to be undertaken?

A TM44 inspection must be undertaken every five years for systems put in place on or after January 1st, 2008. The person who controls the operation of the system, such as the building owner or manager, has statutory obligations and duties of care related to the operation and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

TM44 inspections are in addition to the standard activities associated with the ownership, operation, and maintenance of air conditioning systems.

Is TM44 a legal requirement?

In short, yes, a TM44 inspection is a legal requirement - you must have your air conditioning system regularly inspected every five years. This will ensure you are compliant with the TM44 regulations. If you do not, you could be issued with fixed penalty notice of £300 per offence.

Therefore, if your company has 10 buildings that are all non-compliant your fine could total £3000. Additionally, the fines are repeatable until you can produce a valid certificate so this could increase further still.

TM44 is also a legal requirement of ISO 14001.

What are the benefits of a TM44 inspection?

Aside from ensuring compliance to UK law and EPBD legislation, acting on the advice and key recommendations in the TM44 inspection report and rectifying faults, or making the appropriate improvements, will contribute to the efficient running of your air conditioning system. It will also reduce carbon emissions and the operating costs for the building occupants.

What does the process involve?

Firstly, we will determine whether your air conditioning system falls within scope of the TM44 legislation. If it does, one of our independent and accredited inspectors will arrange to visit your site to undertake the inspection, including examination of past service reports and other relevant records, including your F-Gas logbook.

From there, the assessor will identify how the system is used and analyse the building layout. This helps to determine how suitable the current system is for its environment. Data from a series of tests on the refrigeration circuits, air moving systems and control methodology will then be collated resulting in a bespoke report being produced. This report will summarise the findings of the inspection and outline recommendations to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

Once you are happy, we will lodge the certificate on the national Government Landmark Register. The certificate is valid for 5 years from the date of issue. We also offer a reminder service to help ensure you are always compliant.

Why use independently accredited inspectors?

Using our network of independently accredited inspectors rather than our own employees ensures that the recommendations provided in the report are impartial and without bias.

Who is responsible for ensuring a TM44 inspection is completed?

The person who controls the operation of an air conditioning system is responsible for ensuring a TM44 inspection is completed. The person who controls the operation of the system is regarded as the person who controls the technical functioning of the system, not someone who does no more than adjust the temperature or whose only responsibility is to adjust the controls.

The owner of the system will usually control the operation of the system even where day-to-day operation is contracted out to another person or organisation. Where the occupier of the building takes total responsibility for a building and its services (e.g. full repairing and insuring lease), then the occupier will control the system.

How much does a TM44 inspection cost?

As no two sites are the same, it is difficult to provide a standard price for a TM44 inspection. System type, number of units and building size all play a part in determining the price. However, if you speak to a member of our Service Team, we will be delighted to provide you with a free quotation and answer any questions that you may have.

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Choosing a trusted TM44 AC inspector

If you have limited familiarity with laws around air conditioning inspections, it is essential to collaborate with skilled assessors and licensed contractors. The experts and advisors you choose should hold appropriate accreditation or certification, follow established guidelines for best practices, and comply with laws and regulations.

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At Maximum Climate Control, our TM44 air conditioning inspectors hold full qualifications and strictly adhere to the guidance outlined in the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). If you require a TM44 inspection or have concerns about the performance of your air conditioning unit, we are here to assist you.

Get in touch with one of our AC experts to receive a no obligation quotation or further advice on how to comply with the law.

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