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    air source heat pump servicing near me
    air source heat pump servicing near me
    air source heat pump servicing near me

    Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

    • 75% of their energy from the natural air around your house
    • Extremely energy-efficient
    • Life span can last up to 15 years if serviced annually
    • Air Source Heat Pump Servicing available with Maximum Air

    Our range of Air Source Heat Pumps from Daikin are extremely energy-efficient, meaning they’re a perfect way to slash energy bills and running costs when you’re using oil or LPG to heat your home. Not only that, since they produce 3 times as much energy as they consume, they use much less energy than a conventional boiler.

    Natural Air Source Heat Pump Energy

    Air-source Daikin heat pumps derive 75% of their energy from the natural air around your house. Since they are powered by electricity, they produce a fraction of the emissions of CO2 and NOx produced by an oil, LPG, or gas boiler. Which adds up to a considerable reduction in your home’s environmental impact.

    Air Source Heat Pumps are also able to operate at temperatures as low as -20° C so you benefit from their year-round performance in terms of energy efficiency. If you’re looking for repairs to your air source heat pump, we provide air source heat pump servicing and maintenance – see below for more information.

    Air Source Heat Pump Service & Maintenance

    When having your Daikin Air Source Heat Pump system annually serviced, it can last for up to 15 years, which is an improvement on the lifespan of conventional oil or gas boilers which last approximately 8-10 years, ensuring value for money when purchasing an Air Source Heat Pump. At Maximum Air we offer a regular air source heat pump servicing near you. Get  plan for your air source heat pump servicing, all maintenance is carried out by our team of qualified engineering professionals to offer you peace of mind that your ASHP system is being cared for.

    Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP) Installation

    With more than 250 years’ experience combined in the industry, Maximum Climate Control Ltd have the skill set to install any type of energy efficient AC & Ventilation system to heat your home or from a small office split to a large 5-star Hotel VRV/VRF system through to chillers, and of course that all-important ventilation systems from heat recovery central plant to small heat recovery single office units and Kitchen extract and supply systems.

    At Maximum we cover all aspects of your ASHP installation, but added to this here at Maximum we add peace of mind warranties and no matter how big or small.

    To cap this all we will install this to the highest industry standards and give you the peace of mind of a quality product designed and installed correctly with the completed systems Professionally commissioned so that your investment in your new HVCA system for your building or team works for many years to come faultlessly and keeps the occupants in the comfortable environment they deserve.

    Industry Leading Air Source Heat Pump Servicing Near You

    Our air conditioning installation team regularly attend training courses run by the major industry-leading manufacturers. This means our ASHP installation engineers are kept up-to-date with the latest industry innovations and developments and technology. This allows us to enables Maximum to offer extended manufacturer warranty periods on our ASHP installations as business Partners with the following manufacturers, Daikin, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Samsung to name but a few (subject to regular ongoing maintenance) to all our clients.

    Please feel free to contact our install team who will be happy to discuss your requirements for your air source heat pump system and answer any questions you may have.

    Air Source Heat Pump Service Warranty

    • Toshiba T7 Partner – 7 Year warranty of split AC systems and VRF systems.
    • Daikin D1 Plus Business Partner – 5 Year warranty on splits and 7 year warranty on VRV systems.
    • Mitsubishi Business Solutions Partner – 5 Year warranty on splits and 7 year warranty on VRF systems.
    • Samsung Partner Program – 7 Year warranty on all air source heat pump systems.

    We also include a free 1-year full warranty on all our energy-efficient heating system installations for all parts supplied and fitted, not only the parts supplied and fitted made by the manufacturers on top of there warranty. 

    Air Source Heat Pump Servicing & Maintenance

    In order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty, it’s imperative that a regular air-source heat pump service is carried out. This ensures your system is being maintained correctly and is operating efficiently.

    At Maximum Climate Control, we offer planned preventative air source heat pump maintenance (PPM) contracts which offer regular, scheduled maintenance across a range of products including energy-efficient air source heat pumps. We also offer our PPM service on products installed by another party.

    By opting for a PPM contract, you can ensure your equipment is in constant efficient working order to lower your fuel bills and also lower your carbon footprint so saving you money on running costs. The main objective of planned preventative maintenance is to try and prevent or reduce the possibility of a heating system breakdown before it actually occurs.

    We recommend that air conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and heating equipment is regularly inspected and maintained for the following reasons:

    • To maintain a fresh, healthy and comfortable working environment for your valuable staff/customers.
    • To comply with F-GAS or Gas Safe regulations.
    • To maintain the all-important manufacturer warranty 5-7 years on your valuable equipment.

    When you sign up for our Air Source Heat Pump System Service, we will provide a bespoke maintenance schedule to suit your individual requirements. Our team of heat pump installers have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience looking after a range of environments from heating your home to small shops, large commercial office spaces, restaurants, schools and 5 star Hotels. Our highly skilled and experienced engineers are able to advise on the overall condition of your equipment, highlight potential faults before they become major problems and avoid downtime.

    Speak to an expert to discuss your Air Source Heat Pump Service plan today.

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