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UV Light For Commercial HVAC

February 14 2022by Maximum Climate Control

Despite the impact of global emissions, indoor air quality remains far worse than the outdoors. According to the EPA, the air inside your home or business is two and a half times worse than the air outside, which is quite shocking. Many commercial industries are working to find the best ways to improve indoor air quality, one solution is UV Light for HVAC systems.

What Is UV Light?

Ultraviolet light, also known as UV light, is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. There are many types of UV frequencies. UVA and UVB frequencies are present in sunlight and these frequencies cause sunburn. 

UV-C light is a higher frequency light, the ozone blocks UVC light, so it is weaker at the Earth’s surface. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, or UVGI, kills microorganisms using UVC light.

The Benefits of UV Light for Commercial HVAC Systems

There are many benefits to installing commercial HVAC UV light systems. The correct sized lighting eliminates viruses, bacteria, and mould that turns your HVAC system into a disinfection machine. 

UV lighting in the healthcare industry is extremely popular as it is used in hospitals and labs to sterilise equipment so you can be sure of the effectiveness of UV Light in reducing the spread of germs. So if you are wondering ‘are UV lights in HVAC systems safe’? Then you can be sure that they are.

Reduced Maintenance 

UVC lights have the ability to reduce your maintenance and energy costs as they keep your HVAC coils clean eliminating the need for regular coil cleaning. It is known that coils that are treated with UVGI have an increased pressure drop compared to coils that are manually cleaned. Yet, chemically cleaned coils may appear to be clean but are the main cause for attracting microbial growth.

Increase in HVAC Efficiency

Without having UVC lights for AC heating and cooling systems coils can become clogged and insulated with bacteria, dirt, mould, viruses, and biofilm. Biofilm of only .002” can drastically reduce efficiency by 37%. 

Therefore, your equipment has to work harder, and not save energy. UVC lights reduce this microbial growth, increasing system efficiency. 

Improved Indoor Air Quality

UV can help disinfect the source of germs, which is typically coils or drain pans. It can greatly reduce the threat of pathogens entering the building through the industrial HVAC system.

hvac system

The UV blue light in this HVAC System has the ability to purify the air by improving indoor air quality, increasing HVAC efficiency, and reducing the maintenance needed along with many other benefits.

What are UV Lights in HVAC Systems?

One of the most common applications is In-Duct Airstream and Component Surface Sterilisation. These are both different methods that depend upon the desired outcome of the UV-C light. 

In-Duct Airstream Disinfection 

This method disinfects an airstream within a building or ventilation system. The UV-C light and ductwork are designed to expose the moving air as it passes to the most intense radiation. This is the most effective method for killing airborne pathogens and fungi as it destroys the micro-organisms as they enter the air stream.

Component Surface Sterilisation

This UV treatment prevents and destroys microbial on air-coils and their neighbouring surfaces. This UV system is already installed in the HVAC equipment application to help and maintain system cleanliness and indoor air quality. This is the most effective method of killing bacteria and fungi that would grow within the coils and surfaces of the UV-C light.

UV Lights for Commercial HVAC Systems

Many commercial industries are realising the HVAC UV light benefits for air conditioning systems as sterilisation. This is particularly important in hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices or medical clinics where patients and visitors are already facing medical issues. 

UV air sterilisers are becoming more popular in the commercial industry, from UV lights for HVAC systems, to humidifying air purifiers, air sterilisers have never been so important. It is essential that the healthcare industry takes action on eliminating any viruses or harsh chemicals, as well as sterilising and purifying the air which has been contaminated by a number of industrial HVAC applications.

Many people are unaware that they have the ability to take action and control the toxic chemicals and viruses in their office environment. By installing UV lights for HVAC systems you can ensure that the air that circulates around the business is not harming their visitors and staff members. UV disinfection is very important to the commercial industry in order to meet air quality regulations and provide a healthier environment for employees.

hvac system

HVAC UV Light Installation at Maximum Climate Control

At Maximum Climate Control, we supply, install and maintain many climate control systems, ducted air conditioner units, ensuring safe, smooth and cost-effective operation for commercial buildings and residential industrial applications.

We have many different types of air purifiers and UV light HVAC systems, such as our Ducted Air Conditioning 

units, wall/ceiling mounted Air Conditioning Units and VRV/VRF indoor units. Our UV light HVAC systems work effortlessly to beat viruses, mould, and clear the air of dust and allergens in your commercial organisation. 

If you’re not sure about UV lights for your commercial HVAC system, we also offer air purifiers from Daikin with streamer technology (Plasma Ion Generator). This technology can be used to remove SARS virus and additional heap filtration for allergy or asthma sufferers.

The MC55VB unit and its larger brother the MCK55W, which has dehumidification features, are both plug and play units that do not require any installation. You simply just plug them into a 13 amp socket and turn them on, they also come with an infrared remote controller for ease of use.

Maximum Climate Control has installed two Daikin models into our own office and has been very impressed with their performance. We have a couple of allergy sufferers that these air purifiers have really benefited. The air purifiers have really helped the allergy sufferers in our office, keeping allergies at bay.

View our latest advice on Air Conditioning here

If you would like to find out more information on how our UV Light HVAC Systems or Daikin air purifiers can benefit your commercial organisation then please feel free to get in touch, and we will be more than happy to help.

Download Air Purifier Ururu MCK55W Data sheet Download Air Purifier MC55VB Data sheet

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