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Ways to Keep Your Bedroom Cool in a Heatwave

June 25 2024by Maximum Climate Control

We bet everyone enjoys a little bit of sunshine! Unfortunately, the weather turns unbearable during September due to the UK heatwave. Homeowners find it challenging to keep their dwellings cool and comfortable. Most of them struggle to hit the hay in the sweltering heat. Others, working remotely, find it incredibly hard to stand up to the expected productivity standards. Do you relate to any of it? Then, this blog post is worth reading to learn about the tricks to keep the temperature in your boudoir cool and comfortable.

Drift Off to Sleep Peacefully During Warm Summer Nights with These Expert Tips

One of the most effective ways to handle the heat during the summer is through residential air conditioning installation. It’s not only a long-term solution but the fastest way to cool down a bedroom. Given the skyrocketing electric costs and the mounting tasks to maintain the units for optimal cooling, one often looks out for alternatives, and here are a few you must check out:

  • Leverage cool technology

While air conditioning units are a surefire way to bring down the room temperature, you can also rely on quiet tower fans with timers and a panel of settings to benefit from smart choice. However, you may also rely on pedestals and desk fans to bring some solace. When doing so, put a shallow bowl of ice water in front of the electronic good to recreate a cool breeze. As the ice melts, the fan will pick up the cool air coming off the ice surface and distribute it around. You may also try hanging a damp towel over your fan for a similar effect as an air conditioning unit.

  • Use your blinds and windows strategically

Opening up your windows is the first thing to do when you wake up in the morning. Keep them ajar until the sun rises and creeps into your bedroom for the fresh morning breeze to circulate indoors. Later, pull down the blinds and close the windows to block the light and prevent the heat from building up with the day rolling by.

  • Freeze your sheets

Everyone has a freezer at home. Make complete use of the appliance by storing your sheets for some time before bedtime to keep yourself cool during the night. The cold sensation will calm you down till the time you settle down to sleep. If possible, leave cold water bottles by your feet while sleeping.

  • Turn off electric appliances

It’s undeniable that appliances generate heat, be it a TV or a music system. If you wish to survive the scorching heat and sleep comfortably at night, turn them off. Not only will you benefit from cooling down your bedroom, but you will also reduce your electricity bill significantly.

  • Open your windows just before going off to sleep

The ideal temperature for one to dose off ranges between 18 and 21o C. If you can leave your bedroom windows open for some time and switch on a fan, you can circulate cool air around the room. Detest the whirring noise? Fret not for research claims that actually help to fall asleep.

Final Thoughts:

Now, these were only a few tricks to make torturous nights more soothing. The long-term solution, though, is still air conditioning. Despite installation from expert HVAC engineers, unexpected breakdowns and escalating energy costs may discourage you from relying on them. Invest in a suitable maintenance programme to reduce the risks of failure, curtail bills spiralling up and prevent the lifespan of units from shortening. Maximum Climate Control, working with a team of F Gas-qualified and certified service engineers, provides local air conditioning services in the UK. Get in touch with them for flawless AC installation and maintenance work.

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