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How HVAC Systems Can Save You Money in 2022

September 14 2022by Maximum Climate Control

As businesses look at energy prices and the current running costs of their office’s HVAC system, we’re here to smooth over your worries. We can’t cut your costs but with colder winters and warmer summers, it’s crucial that you’re using the most energy-efficient equipment which will help improve your outgoings. Your HVAC Systems could be saving you money on heating and cooling rather than costing it! 

Modern HVAC systems are designed with improved energy efficiency to help businesses reach green targets. By switching your old unit for a modern system you’ll easily save money on your energy costs. 

One of the best ways to ensure your system continues to work efficiently is to have it regularly serviced internally or by an external company.

If you’re worried about the costs associated with servicing and upkeep of your unit, it’s easy to follow a few maintenance steps to keep your system running efficiently. This is a benefit of installing a modern HVAC system as they require very little maintenance to run correctly, however, we always recommend having a professional check over your unit from time to time. 

A breakdown could be pricey so our advice is a small amount of cost, little and often! A professional will know what problems to look for in the future whereas the maintenance you carry out yourself will be more about efficiency and cleanliness. A professional will check for refrigerant leaks, check electrical connections, check motors and belts, plus many more. If one of these issues isn’t caught by a professional servicer and leads to a breakdown it could cost your business substantially for the fix or a replacement unit, plus any unwanted energy costs during the breakdown e.g. if the unit won’t stop pumping out hot air! 

If your office has an old heating system that doesn’t include air conditioning, now would be a good time to invest in a modern system to ensure you can heat your office and have sufficient airflow without it being stuffy and requiring a window to be opened. As I’m sure you’ve heard many parents say “we’re trying to heat this room, not the whole world”. HVAC Systems are designed to provide heating, ventilation and air conditioning for a comfortable working environment in your office or commercial setting.

HVAC Systems aren’t bad for your bills and there are a range of solutions you can use to reduce your HVAC energy costs.

If you want a professional to assess your current unit and suggest the best route forward, whether that’s improved maintenance or a new unit, Maximum Climate Control offers free surveys and expert advice

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