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Air Cons Are Rare In The UK: Can The Heat Waves Change The Situation?

April 24 2024by Maximum Climate Control

Heat waves in the UK are not uncommon. Due to the climatic change, the heat waves are more intense and the frequency has increased than before. As temperatures are rising randomly, the unprecedented weather conditions are causing major disruptions, especially in places where the housing infrastructure is designed for a mild, damp climate. Many Brits are left sweltering in their homes without much relief and the main culprit is that they don’t have an air conditioning system. There are many reasons why Brits do not have air conditioners in their homes and the most obvious one is the mild weather conditions. The housing infrastructure in Britain is designed with more emphasis on heating as the weather is cooler and winters last up to 5 months. However, in recent times, the heat waves have increased in frequency and are longer than usual, making people focus more on the cooling systems.

Should Brits Start Installing Air Conditioning?

Climate specialists are of the opinion that Britain can no longer be regarded as a cold country. Brits should start learning to deal with the heat waves and welcome the warmer weather by installing air conditioning. As the severity of cold weather is reduced, residents now need to focus on ways to stay cool as the temperatures climb.

When it comes to heatwaves, Brits have it worse! This is because homes in Britain are designed to trap heat and as temperatures shoot up to 36 degrees Celsius, UK residents are facing a tough time. Falling to drink enough water and staying out in the sun for long hours have made Brits feel tired, dizzy, and light-headed. While people are taking sick days to avoid the heat and clearing shelves of electrical fans, the warm weather and the architectural design of their homes call for powerful air conditioning systems.

Maximum Climate Control: Your Search For Air Conditioning Ends Here!

While air conditioning is considered a luxury in the UK, it’s a worthwhile investment considering how Britain is hit by the heat and facing the hottest summer since records began. Here are a few suggested air conditioning products that are ideal for UK residents.

Ducted Air Conditioning: Energy-efficient, low-sound levels, energy level up to A++ is a slim and powerful system that offers the best value for money.

Wall-mounted Air Conditioning: The compact design saves space and is a cost-effective choice in the long run. The product is ideally suitable for living rooms, bedrooms and small offices.

Ceiling-mounted Air Conditioning: With 360° air discharge, this AC system ensures uniform temperature distribution and airflow. The auto-cleaning filter cleans the unit daily, leading to a yearly energy savings of up to 50%.

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Benefits Of Having An Air Conditioning Unit In Your Home

As the summer heat waves become longer and more frequent, the sale of air conditioning units will spike. With an air conditioning system in your home, the temperature is stable all year. An air conditioning unit helps regulate humidity levels, maintain a consistent temperature, reduce odours and pollution and, moreover, give adequate relief from seasonal allergies. Before the temperature becomes unbearable, it’s a wise move to invest in an air conditioning unit.

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