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How Air Conditioning Units Can Keep You Warm This Winter

December 16 2020by Maximum Climate Control

What better time than to now look into how heat recovery systems and air conditioning heating and cooling units can assist you in staving off the chills by warming your home this winter or preparing your home ready for the summer months. Air conditioning heating and cooling units are an energy efficient long term investment that not only circulates heat around your property throughout the colder months but also can cool your home in the summer.

Choosing Our Heat Recovery Systems

Heat Recovery Systems are built in order to save and store as much energy as possible from the energy that would have been otherwise wasted. They recover energy from inside so that they can reduce the overall air con amount.

The VAM-FC/J series we offer here at Maximum Air is an incredibly efficient piece of technology and can reduce the heating system pressure by up to 73%. It has been designed in order to produce fresh air indoors, while simultaneously lightening the system’s load. This system is also fully compliant with the most up to date legislation and can incorporate many very specific elements, such as heat exchange parts and fan motors.

As well as our systems, we also offer a wide range of ventilation accessories, such as CO2 sensors and heater batteries which can be used to improve heat exchange efficiency. We also offer weatherproof enclosures for purchase, and what with the predicted weather forecast for the next month or so? We definitely recommend them!

Our Systems and You

Maximum Climate Control has more than 250 years of experience under its belt, and whatever type of air source heat pump you need to have installed, our staff will be more than happy to install your air conditioning unit for you. At Christmas, we know you have lots of things seemingly going on at once but letting us take care of fitting your heat recovery system is one more thing crossed off your list, ready to operate throughout the year ahead.

We always aim to have your equipment installed to the highest standard and give you peace of mind knowing that your systems have been installed by professionals. Our air conditioning heating installation team are constantly being re-trained and refreshed by major industry leaders in order to keep up to date with any potential changes or innovations within the industry. So, you are guaranteed to get the best service possible.


If you’re preparing for the post-Christmas chill, or are looking to prepare your home ready for the summer months, investing in one of our heating and cooling air conditioner units could save you a lot of energy in the long run whilst slashing running costs such as energy bills. When you have decided on exactly what you’d like, our friendly air conditioning heating installation team will be willing and ready to get it fitted as soon as possible. 

Not only do we offer air conditioning heat pump services, but we also have ducted air conditioning systems, ceiling mounted air conditioning, wall mounted air conditioning and VRV & VRF Systems. Please feel free to contact our team of specialists by calling 02392 261005, and they will be happy to discuss your requirements further or address any questions you might have.

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