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Do you need Planning Permission for Air Conditioning?

November 11 2022by Maximum Climate Control

Are you curious as to whether air conditioning units require planning permission for your business? This is a popular question often asked by our experts at Maximum Climate Control, so we are going to go into detail on whether your air conditioning unit needs planning permission and any other regulations you will want to consider.

If you are looking to make a large change to your commercial building such as installing an air conditioning unit then you will want to ensure it complies with the current rules and regulations such as planning permission. 

Planning Permission for Air Conditioning 

So do you need planning permission for air conditioning? Planning permission for installing air conditioning all depends on the specifics of your commercial building and the type of air conditioning unit you look to install. Generally smaller buildings do not require planning permission as they are protected under the terms of permitted development rights. Permitted development rights (PDRs) are rights that allow you to make certain changes to your building without needing to apply for planning permission, so be sure to check before you install your air conditioning unit!

Yet there are a few things to take into account if you do look to install an external air conditioning unit that might require planning permission or your unit being removed such as noise pollution and listed building consent. For example, if you are in a large building and your air conditioning unit is going to cause disruption to access then be sure to contact your Local Authority before undergoing any AC work.

To be sure that your commercial air conditioning unit does not require planning permission, there are a few things you would want to check: 

  • The unit isn’t installed on a pitched roof
  • The external compressor does not reach or exceed a volume of 0.6
  • There are no wind turbines by the building
  • The external unit is installed up to a metre away from the edge of a flat roof and the property boundaries.

Do Air Conditioning Units need Building Regulations?

Once you are aware that your air conditioning unit doesn’t require planning permission, there are other air conditioning building regulations that you will need to consider. In 2018 there had been new legislation introduced for installing air conditioning units within commercial buildings, with the following guidelines: 

Energy Performance Certificate – By law, all commercial buildings that have more than 500m2 of space must complete an Energy Performance Certificate.

TM44 – Any businesses that have an air conditioning system with an output of over 12kW must ensure regular inspections are carried out to ensure it remains efficient and safe. 

F-Gas – Any business that supplies or uses refrigeration systems that contain F-Gas must comply with the latest legislation of their air conditioning system. Many air conditioning suppliers such as Maximum Climate Control will be able to assist with this. 

Preparing for your Commercial Air Conditioning Installation 

There can be a lot to consider when preparing for the installation of your air conditioning unit. If you find yourself concerned about whether you need planning permission for your air conditioning unit then don’t worry, because many HVAC suppliers such as Maximum Climate Control will be able to offer you their expert advice and knowledge. 

Alternatively, you can contact your local authority and they will also be able to provide you with the right information you need for the installation of your air conditioning unit. 

Efficient Commercial Air Conditioning Units at Maximum Climate Control

With 25 years of experience in the air conditioning industry, our certified service engineers are F Gas qualified offering a range of efficient air conditioning products. Our team of professionals are approved installers of air conditioners for Daikin and Toshiba, installing, maintaining and servicing ac units to ensure they comply with all the relevant planning permission and building regulations. 

To enquire about installing an air conditioning unit within your commercial building, or to find out more information regarding the planning permission for your property, contact us today.

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