R22 phase out, time is running out to comply by the 1st of January 2015

What’s your plan?
The issues surrounding the replacement of R22 refrigerants and how they contribute to global warming is still the subject of thorough debate. Many companies are now taking action to comply with the regulations before the deadline of 1st January 2015. After this date, existing R22 equipment can still be used; nevertheless no work involving breaking into the refrigeration circuit is permitted.

What are your Options?

The Most Energy Efficient Option is to Replace
Most R22 refrigeration units are coming towards the end of their life expectancy and will therefore start to require some modernisation. By replacing your system with a modern unit which uses non ozone depleting refrigerants, you will see not only a lower carbon footprint but also improved efficiency and output. Take a look at some of the energy efficient replacement solutions on offer.

The Short Term Fix Option is to Convert
It may be possible to replace R22 from your system and replace it with a more environmentally friendly alternative. This will act as a short term fix to comply with the regulations. By running an alternative refrigerant which hasn’t been designed for use in the ageing system, the efficiency of the system will be greatly affected.

The ‘Put it Off’ Option is to leave the system in place
With an ageing system in place there is only so long you can put off taking action. By the time the deadline comes around your system will be at the end of its life expectancy which means it is likely to require more frequent maintenance. A system with R22 cannot be worked on after the deadline so if a system goes down the downtime will be long and the reinstatement cost will be high.